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What is YogLeads: Best Lead Generation and Sales Management Platform

Updated: Feb 19

All-in-One Lead Generation and Sales Management Tool

YogLeads is India’s leading All-in-One lead generation and sales management platform that is changing how businesses generate B2B leads, manage, and track sales. YogLeads helps businesses with AI-empowered tools to improve sales for businesses, enterprises, and B2B marketers of any size.

YogLeads' advanced software meets businesses' changing needs, providing a smart lead generation strategy beyond traditional methods. Our platform uses smart technology to help companies find and connect with potential clients, generating valuable leads. Now finding B2B leads for your business is easy with YogLeads.

Value Proposition at YogLeads

YogLeads assists you in dealing with the demands of modern-day business and acts as a growth partner. With our innovative solutions, companies can enhance their lead generation process, streamline their sales procedures, and provide growth opportunities.

Sales Prospecting

YogLeads's cutting-edge sales prospecting tools empower businesses to pinpoint and pursue potential customers with accuracy, thereby facilitating the growth of your client base and maximizing the effectiveness of your sales strategy.

Transform your sales prospecting with targeted outreach and automated engagement. Elevate conversions and customer connections – 

Outbound Call Management

Our software includes outbound call management features and streamlines communication with leads and clients. Call Management ensures that your sales teams can maintain effective and personalized interactions, leading to improved customer relationships.

YogLeads Outbound Call Management App provides real-time details on lead interaction and engagement status. Empower your sales tele-callers to connect, engage, and excel – Enhance your business growth with every call!

Lead Bot AI-Generated Leads

YogLeads introduces LeadBot, an AI-powered tool that generates leads quickly and smartly. Lead Bot AI-generated leads help businesses get more potential customers, making their sales process more efficient.

Use the power of AI to interact with incoming leads. Instant engagement boosts conversions, and automated Lead streamlines the process, saving valuable person-hours.

What YogLeads Offers

Lead Generation using GMB (Google Maps)

YogLeads B2B Leads Search helps users extract leads for their business through Google My Business (GMB) based on their location specifications. Users can extract and manage leads seamlessly on the YogLeads Dashboard per the specified business and location. 

Lead extraction is done with a few steps.

  • Login to the YogLeads Dashboard with your preferred email ID.

  • Search your business keyword, specify the location, and click the Go button.

Searching for business on YogLeads dashboard

A list of shoe manufacturers in Delhi will appear with the details of manufacturers. Keep scrolling to see more results related to your search.

Search results or Shoe manufacturers in Delhi

From the View More, button you can extract details of companies such as Executive Name, GST Number, Turnover, and additional contact numbers.

Then you arrange all these companies on the dashboard, simply click on the View Dashboard button. All the companies will be arranged on the dashboard.

Dashboard for Lead Management

YogLeads offers users the Dashboard for lead management, extracted from the YogLeads B2B Chrome Extension, existing lead data, and data from marketplaces like IndiaMart, Facebook, and Trade India.

  • Manage lead prospects seamlessly with the featured plugins such as Global Search, Integration Data, and marketing campaigns. 

  • Run marketing campaigns like WhatsApp Marketing, Email Marketing, and Calling to improve the reach of the business.

  • Supervise your team's performance easily and quickly. Manage and analyze the team member's (child admin) daily work reports and progress on the single platform.

Try YogLeads Dashboard for Free

Access to More than 25 Lakhs GST Registered Companies

YogLeads's Global Search plugin allows users to generate data on Directors of more than 25 lakh GST-registered companies. 

  • Filter your search with options like HSN/SAC code, city, state, and the pin code of the company's location. 

  • Get the Director's data by clicking the Get Directors Details. It provides data like the Director's name, contact number, and email address.

Global Search Result of Yogleads Dasboard

  • The filter tag enables users to search companies based on the Company's Turnover and Business Activities.

Importing Your Previous Lead in Yoglead Dashboard

This feature lets users import their previous sales lead data into the YogLeads Dashboard in a single click. The imported data will be showcased similarly to the extracted data on the Dashboard. Thus, users can now manage all the leads on a single platform easily and mark the status of the Lead. 

Importing previous Lead into Yogleads dashboard

Say goodbye to the long and complex Excel sheet to manage leads!

Update Existing Lead or Add New Lead

This feature enables the user to update the existing lead details in the YogLeads Dashboard or even manually add a new lead to the Dashboard.

To import previous data in the YogLeads Dashboard, the user needs to:

  • Download a sample template from the Dashboard and arrange the data as per the template.

  • Select the Excel/CSV file containing data and click on Upload to import data into the Dashboard.

The lead will be shown sequentially with every detail on the Excel sheet.

Users can even add the lead manually in the YogLeads Dashboard. To add a new lead:

  • In the My Data tab, click on the Add button.

Adding new lead manually to the yogleads dashboard

  • Fill in all the entries accordingly and click on Add Lead.

Marketplace Integration for Lead Management

YogLeads enables integration with marketplaces like IndiaMART, Facebook, and Trade India. With integration, manage all Inbound leads on the YogLeads Dashboard. 

Managing inbound leads from the Marketplace becomes accessible on the Dashboard as it allows you to communicate with them through WhatsApp, Email, and Outbound calls. Our ChatGPT AutoResponder sends templated messages to the leads based on their query on the Marketplace. Also, you can track the message engagement on the Dashboard and connect with the lead accordingly.

Marketplaces like IndiaMART, Facebook, and Trade India leads into the yogleads dashboard

Use the Filter plugin to filter the specific lead response, or use the Status plugin to list out the typical response of the Lead to follow up again.

LeadBot AI: Connect with Leads Using AI

Our instant smart WhatsApp AutoResponder sends templated messages to all inbound Marketplace leads.

  • Based on the customer's query, our WA AutoResponder sends an automated message to initiate a conversation on WhatsApp. Users can ensure the lead is interested in the product and communicate accordingly. 

  • It also follows up the lead with a message from time to time to maintain the communication link between the user and the lead. 

  • Register your WhatsApp number to enable the WA AutoResponder to initiate communication with the leads.

WhatsApp AutoResponder to communicate with inbound leads

Marketing through YogLeads

Not only lead generation and management, but YogLeads also lets users pitch their product/service to the lead through WhatsApp and Email Marketing panels. The marketing panel enables users to send messages, mail, or call to selected leads with templated text.

Cloud Telephone Setup

Enhance your business communication and protect your online reputation with YogLeads' Cloud Telephone setup. Connect directly with prospects, mitigating the risk of being marked as spam, crucial for maintaining legitimacy and credibility, particularly for early-stage companies.

Benefits of Cloud Telephone Setup

1. YogLeads Cloud Telephone setup employs a virtual number, safeguarding business phone numbers from being flagged as Spam by prospects.

2. Make unlimited daily calls with detailed call records, including date, duration, and downloadable recordings for enhanced tracking.

3. Save time with dashboard call functionality, marking responses in real time.

4. Schedule follow-up calls effortlessly, as pending leads for designated dates appear prominently, ensuring timely prospect engagement.

WhatsApp Marketing

With WhatsApp Marketing, users can:

  • Create a message template pitching the product/service you offer to the lead.

  • Send 200 messages a day.

  • Get 200 credits a day.

  • Get up to 3000 LeadBot AI-generated leads per month.

  • Get 10,000 Automated WA Follow-Ups per month.

  • Attach files in image and pdf format along with the template messages.

  • Schedule your messages to be sent on a specific date or time.

WhatsApp Marketing Panel on YogLeads Dashboard

In the WhatsApp Marketing panel, create your team contact list to involve your team members in the marketing panel. 

Also, user can select their closest location while sending the message to avoid the WhatsApp ban.

Email Marketing

With the Email Marketing panel, users can:

  • Send emails to multiple leads at once.

  • Schedule your emails for later delivery.

  • Attach files like images, brochures, and other business-related files.

Email Marketing Panel on YogLeads Dashboard

We have introduced our AI Assistant for Email Writing to compose an email simply by mentioning a few prompts. You need to mention the Sender's title, Company name, mail length, and vocabulary expression of mail. With just a few mentions, you can get an interactive email that is delivered to the sender's email box.

Manage Sales Team at YogLeads Dashboard

The YogLeads Dashboard enables users to manage their sales team, supervise their performance, assign leads to the team, update pending leads, and report WhatsApp, Email, and Call records. 

With our upgraded package, users can have multiple accounts, one for admin use and another for sales team members. The admin has access to supervise their performance and reporting.

Assigning Leads to the Team

To assign leads to the team member or any child domain, the admin user has to go through the following steps: 

  • On the Dashboard, select the leads.

  • Click on Add to Calling List and select the email address of the sales member.

  • Click on submit. All selected leads will be shared on the selected member's Dashboard, and then the member can proceed with lead management.

Reporting Dashboard

With a YogLeads Dashboard, users can report sales performance using the Dashboard tab. Admin can even check the reporting of their sales team member.

Through Dashboard reporting, the admin user can:

  • Manage pending leads list.

  • Supervise the WhatsApp and Email Reports submitted by the team members. Check the responses for WhatsApp messages and emails.

  • Calling Report: track the number of calls made and the number of connected and not connected calls, get call recording, and remark the Lead as per their response to the call. You get a detailed report including the date & time of the call, call duration, and call recording.

  • Monitor the response of LeadBot AI AutoResponder. Track the number of messages sent, total delivered messages, read messages, and the replies received per day. 

Why Choose YogLeads

With a robust lead management process, YogLeads helps businesses manage and prioritize leads effectively. Our intuitive interface facilitates efficient tracking, enabling sales teams to focus on the most promising opportunities. The software's user-friendly design ensures a smooth integration into existing workflows, enhancing overall productivity.

In sales tracking and management, YogLeads stands out with its comprehensive suite of features. Our platform helps B2B marketers by giving detailed information about sales progress. It allows businesses to analyze performance and improve strategies for better outcomes. This method helps organizations make intelligent choices, adjust to market changes, and stay ahead of competitors.

By providing a comprehensive framework and software solution, YogLeads helps businesses succeed in lead generation, management, and sales tracking. With YogLeads, companies can elevate their B2B marketing efforts, optimize their sales processes, and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities.

Try YogLeads for Free to boost your Sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. How do YogLeads generate leads for the business?YogLeads generates leads through data aggregation, analysis, and targeting techniques.

Ques. Does YogLeads provide support for API Integration?

YogLeads helps integrate APIs with CRMs and systems to make work easier and save time.

Ques. Are there any privacy and security concerns related to the YogLeads services?

YogLeads takes data security and privacy seriously. We implement robust security measures to safeguard customer data and protect it from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse. The guarantee includes advanced encryption techniques, secure data storage protocols, and stringent access controls.

Ques. How can I import or export my data from CRM to YogLeads Dashboard?

YogLeads Dashboard provides integration options such as API integration or direct integration, allowing seamless data import from your CRM into the YogLeads Dashboard. Also, exporting data back to your CRM can be achieved.

Ques. How many team members of my company can collaborate on the YogLeads platform?

YogLeads allows multiple team members of your company to collaborate on the YogLeads platform so that businesses can ensure that everyone is on the same page and aligned toward achieving their goals.

Ques. Does YogLeads provide the demo for the platform usage?

Yes, YogLeads provides 1-on-1 training and demos on using the platform. The demo is completely free and available in your preferred language. 

Ques. How can I access and manage my leads using the YogLeads platform?

YogLeads provides you with a Dashboard to list, manage, and update the leads you generate through our extension. The Dashboard is user-friendly and easy to use, which helps maintain your lead information effectively.

Ques. How can I start using YogLeads?

A successful demo session will teach you how to use the YogLeads Dashboard. Then, you can install your extension on your browser to enable lead generation and manage them on the Dashboard.

Ques. I am running a startup. Will YogLeads be suitable for my company?

Yes, YogLeads is suited for businesses of every size, including startups and enterprise-level organizations. We have customers from different companies of different sizes.


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