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How to Import Leads in YogLeads Dashboard

Updated: Feb 9

Importing Leads in YogLeads Dashboard

Welcome to YogLeads, your go-to destination for cutting-edge lead generation and management solutions! 

Our YogLeads Dashboard is the central component of what we provide. It is a robust and intuitive platform that aims to revolutionize your lead management process. Regardless of your level of experience or the size of your business, our dashboard is customized to suit your specific requirements. 

Unlocking Lead Management Excellence with YogLeads Dashboard

Creating a CSV File to Import Leads, Contacts, or Deals in YogLeads Dashboard

YogLeads Dashboard enables the user to import the CSV file of detailed sales leads from their CRM into YogLeads Dashboard to manage leads. Importing CSV file include simpler steps. Follow the steps mentioned below to import your CSV file of sales leads into the YogLeads Dashboard:

Step 1: The CSV file should be in the exact format of the Excel/CSV template provided in the 'My Data' option. Download the Excel/CSV template.

Downloading csv/excel file template to arrange data accordingly

Step 2: Create your sales lead information according to the template downloaded. Make sure to add the data as per the format to enable importing. You can leave the column empty if data is not present.

The arrangement of the sales lead is shown with the help of an example below.

Sales sample data according to the yogleads csv file template

In the Data Tag column, users can add information about company services, so the YogLeads dashboard will create filters to search specific companies.

Step 3: Download the CSV file of the data. Now, come back to the YogLeads dashboard and go to the 'My Data' option.

Step 4: Select your CSV file and click on the upload button. Your data will be imported into the dashboard, which can now be used for lead management.

Here, the data tag of the companies are shown in the Campaign Name. Users can filter one company type to get specific details of similar companies.

Adding or Updating Existing Leads and Contacts in the Dashboard

Users are also able to update the existing leads and contact details in the YogLeads dashboard. This feature empowers users to keep their lead database accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

Here's a brief on how YogLeads handles the addition of a new lead contact:

Step 1: Click on the 'Add' button given on the 'My Data' page.

Adding new lead in the yogleads dashboard

Step 2: Add lead details, including Company name, Mobile Number, Email (s), GST Number, Category of Business, and much more information. This lead will be shown in your existing lead records.

Adding new leads manually into the yogleads dashboard

Users can even update the existing lead details with a few clicks as follows.

  • Select the lead you want to update.

  • Then, a slide page of lead details will open. Click on the 'Edit Lead' button to update/edit the lead details.

Editing existing lead on the Yogleads Dashboard

Users can update any detail given and the updated changes will be shown immediately.

Key Importance of YogLeads Dashboard

Lead Extraction from the Internet

YogLeads simplifies the lead generation process by allowing you to extract leads effortlessly from the vast expanse of the internet. Uncover potential clients and opportunities with just a few clicks!

Import Leads Data from Excel or CSV

Seamlessly import your existing data and leads from Excel or CSV files directly into the YogLeads Dashboard. This feature ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to centralize and manage all your leads in one place.

Customized Plugins for Efficient Management

Enhance your lead management experience with our diverse range of plugins available on the dashboard. Use the tools to your specific needs, providing unparalleled flexibility and control over your lead management process.

User-Friendly Interface for All

The YogLeads Dashboard is designed with simplicity in mind. Even if you're not a tech person, our user-friendly interface ensures that managing leads becomes easy. Navigate effortlessly and use the power of lead management without any technical hurdles.

Experience the next level of lead management with YogLeads – where innovation meets simplicity. 

Importance of Importing Leads into YogLeads Dashboard

Importing leads in the YogLeads dashboard enables the user to optimize their lead management method and improve management efficiency.

Streamlined Data Import

Effortlessly import your leads from Excel or CSV files directly into the YogLeads dashboard.

   - Save time and eliminate manual data entry.

   - Ensure data accuracy with a smooth import process.

Web Extraction Capabilities

Extract leads directly from the internet using our powerful web extraction tools.

  - Access a broader pool of potential leads.

   - Stay ahead by leveraging real-time data from online sources.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard is designed for easy navigation and ease of access.

   - Non-tech individuals can effortlessly manage leads.

   - Enhance productivity with a straightforward and visually appealing interface.

Plugin Integration

Customize your lead management experience with plugins available on the YogLeads dashboard.

   - Customize the software to meet specific business needs.

   - Integrate additional functionalities seamlessly.

Business Growth and Profit Optimization

YogLeads empowers your business to grow by efficiently managing leads, leading to increased profits.

   - Make informed decisions with real-time insights.

   - Maximize revenue potential by nurturing and converting leads effectively.

Try YogLeads Dashboard for free to understand the performance of the dashboard.

Importance of Leads and How YogLeads Help Utilize Them

As we navigate the intricate landscape of business growth, YogLeads emerges as a powerful supporter in the journey of lead usage. Whether you are an expert, startup, or enterprise, our user-friendly tools are designed to elevate your lead management experience and boost your business profits.

Targeted Customer Acquisition

Leads are the lifeblood of customer acquisition. For startups and enterprises alike, YogLeads offers advanced lead generation tools that enable the extraction of targeted leads from the internet. This ensures that businesses can focus their efforts on reaching potential customers who are genuinely interested in their products or services.

Seamless Data Management

Efficient lead management is the key to converting prospects into loyal customers. YogLeads simplifies this process by allowing the import of data from Excel or CSV files directly into the dashboard. This feature ensures that all your lead information is centralized and easily accessible, bringing up a more organized and effective approach to customer relationship management.

Growth Opportunities for All

Regardless of your business size or industry expertise, leads are the catalyst for business growth. YogLeads empowers startups to establish a robust customer base, assists experts in expanding their influence, and enables enterprises to strengthen customer relationships. The platform's simplicity ensures that every user, regardless of technical proficiency, can leverage leads to drive profits and achieve sustainable growth.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. How to import contacts from CSV files in the YogLeads dashboard.

Upload your Excel/CSV file to the YogLeads dashboard; details, including the company's contact number, website link, email address, and other information, will be imported to the dashboard.

Ques. How do I import a CSV file into a YogLeads database?

Download our provided CSV template from the 'My Data' option. Next, populate the template with your sales lead information, adhering to the specified format. On the YogLeads dashboard, access 'My Data' and upload your CSV file. Your data is now ready for efficient lead management within the dashboard.

Ques. Should CSV files have headers to import into the YogLeads dashboard?

Yes, the CSV file should have a header to be imported into the dashboard. YogLeads has the Excel/CSV file template that should be used to import the CSV files into the dashboard.

Ques. Should I import my lead contact numbers into the YogLeads dashboard or start a new one?

You can add your lead contact numbers into the YogLeads dashboard manually or you can import an Excel/CSV file into the dashboard and information like contact number, email address or other details of leads will be imported.

Ques. How many CSV files can I import into the YogLeads dashboard?

You can import as many CSV files as many as you want into the YogLeads dashboard.

Ques. What is the email lead generation for B2B?

Email lead generation for B2B (Business-to-Business) is a strategic approach to acquiring potential business clients through targeted email campaigns. YogLeads provides the Email marketing campaign facility to reach out to your leads.

Ques. Can I import a lead into the YogLeads dashboard via email? 

Users can import data directly using the dashboard itself. To import the lead via email, you can add it to the plan, and then a customized feature for importing via email will be provided.

Ques. What is the best way to find email addresses for generating sales leads?

YogLead dashboard gives you the email addresses of your targeted companies or Director's emails to initiate a conversation pitching the service. Also, it provides the feature of email marketing to send emails to multiple leads to leads in a single click and manage the response of emails.

Ques. Can I add an extra column in the Excel template?

No, the template provided is pre-defined and must be followed to arrange data accordingly. You should not add a new column in the Excel template, it can deny the uploading process.


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