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Connect with Prospects with Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Feb 19

Connect with Prospects with YogLeads Dashboard Template Image

YogLeads is a leading platform in India for generating leads and managing sales. It helps businesses connect with potential customers, handle them effectively, and keep track of sales performance. YogLeads allows companies with multiple tools to improve sales for businesses, enterprises, and B2B marketers of any size.

YogLeads introduces marketing campaign panels to make a 1-1 connection with your target audience, minimizing the marketing efforts. A successful marketing campaign creates brand awareness among your targeted prospects and narrows the communication gap. Gone are the days when marketing teams ran advertising campaigns on different platforms and invested a considerable amount to reach the right customers to showcase their products or services.

Marketing Campaigns with YogLeads 

Connecting with your prospects is now an effortless approach to meeting the campaign goals and distinguishing your brand value in the target market. Types of marketing campaigns offered by YogLeads are:

  • WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

  • Email Marketing Campaign

  • Cloud Telephone Setup

All these marketing panels can be utilized in brand awareness, new product launch campaigns, and interactive interaction with individuals to stay noticeable for the long term.

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

Designing personalized messages and sending them to individual prospects is a handy and time-consuming job. Thus, with the YogLeads WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, users can send WhatsApp messages to all their prospect leads at the same time. WhatsApp marketing panel not only saves marketing effort and time but also ensures the delivery of messages to the right account. 

How to Run a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

To minimize the time spent marketing your product, we have designed a simple two-step process to reach your target prospects. You can send WA messages to all prospects at once or add numbers manually to streamline the target. 

Step 1: On your YogLeads Dashboard, in the Search History tab, you can see the WhatsApp Marketing Panel; click on it.

WhatsApp Marketing Logging In button on YogLeads Dashboard

Step 2: Select your Closest Location and scan the QR code with your WhatsApp mobile account. 

WhatsApp Marketing Sign in on YogLeads Dashboard

You are now able to run a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign.

Step 3: On the same tab is a list of prospects. You can select each one by one by clicking the checkbox or select all prospects at once. 

Step 4: Then click the Send Message button, and a WhatsApp panel will open. 

WhatsApp Send Message button

In the WhatsApp Panel, write a customized message that promotes your brand or newly launched product or services. 

Users can send messages to

Selected Leads: Leads saved in your dashboard. You can choose each lead at once, and a message will be sent to everyone from your end.

Manual Input: You can also send messages to prospects not listed on the dashboard by manually adding their contact numbers—separate numbers using comma (,).

Send to Team Contacts: You can even send WA messages to your sales team member (child account) to ensure the messages are delivered. However, the messages are delivered perfectly to the accounts. You can check your contact number reputation to see if it shows spam in other WhatsApp accounts. 

Features of WhatsApp Marketing Panel

Keeping behind every traditional methodology of WhatsApp marketing, YogLeads stands one step ahead in building strong brand value for your business among users. 

  • Design Template Message: a template message (pre-defined) can be sent over and over to new prospects instead of writing a message every time manually. It saves time and effort in designing personalized messages.

  • Attach File: Users can attach files (PDFs and image formats allowed) with messages to create a visual impression among customers. You can attach brochures and images to avoid bulk content and summarize everything in a graphic format.

  • Schedule messages for later delivery on specified dates and times. It automates the outreach to your audience.

  • Overcome Banning Concern: Users are concerned about their WhatsApp account banning because of messaging over the limit. We have a solution for that: messages sent from the WhatsApp marketing panel are delayed to protect the behavior of your WA account. It introduces a random delay between each message, which is sent in batches of 25 each.

What YogLeads Offer

  • Save message template to be used every time you are messaging new prospects.

  • Send 800 messages per day.

  • Get up to 3000 LeadBot AI-generated leads per month.

  • Get 10,000 Automated WA Follow-Ups per month.

  • Select the closest location while sending the message to avoid the WhatsApp ban.

Email Marketing Campaign

Like WhatsApp marketing, we have introduced an Email Marketing Campaign to send emails to all your prospects simultaneously. The emails are sent one by one to individuals in delay. Multiple emails sent at once will not be added in cc or bcc of each other and will be delivered to individual prospects. 

How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign

To ease your email marketing, we have created a user-friendly AI assistant email panel to compose engaging content. 

Step 1: On your YogLeads Dashboard, you can see all your prospects with their email IDs in the Search History tab. Select prospects you want to send emails to.

Step 2: Click the Schedule Email button to open the Email panel. 

Email Marketing Campaign option

Step 3: Set the Subject line and compose Mail following the email format. Then click on the Schedule with Gmail button. The emails will be scheduled to be sent after 15 minutes by default. 

Email Marketing Panel on YogLeads Dashboard

Email AI Assistant

YogLeads added the Email AI Assistant to help users compose engaging content by giving details and selecting prompts. 

Mention Product/ Service name, Sender Title (Email Title), Company Name, and Phone number. Then, you can select mail length, vocabulary, and verbal expression and choose if it is the first mail of follow-up. Then click on Generate Email, and the mail will be composed automatically.

Email AI Assistant to help write email

Mail Length: Mail length is the total word count of your mail. It includes the text in the mail body only. You can choose mail length as Short or Long.

Vocabulary: We typically use a phrase or sentence during communication. Select vocabulary as simple or complex. 

Verbal Expression: How individuals adapt to put their words in text format. You can select verbal expression as Casual or Formal.

First or Follow-Up Mail: First mail is the mail you send to the prospects for the first time, and follow-up emails are those followed by first mail. 

You can also add your prospect's Name and Company Name to create a personalized email with a high open rate.

Features of Email Marketing Panel

Unlimited Emails per Day: There is no limit on sending emails from the YogLeads dashboard. Since the email marketing panel will be logged in with your email ID, the limitation will be followed as per your Gmail account limitation.

Attach File: Users can attach files (PDFs and image formats allowed) with Email to create a visual impression among customers. You can attach brochures and images to avoid bulk content and summarize everything in a graphic format.

Schedule Emails: To deliver emails on a specific date and time, you can schedule them. 

Cloud Telephone Setup to Connect with Prospect

The most considerable concern in communication is being marked as Spam by multiple prospects. When you try to communicate with the prospect or lead, but they hang up your call and mark you as Spam, it can affect your online reputation as a business. Especially when the company is in its early stage, it should maintain its reputation and be recognized as legitimate. Considering this issue, YogLeads has introduced a Cloud Telephone setup to connect with your prospect directly.

How to make Calls with Cloud Telephone

Cloud Telephone lets users call their prospects from the YogLeads dashboard without registering with a number. The dashboard uses a virtual telephone number that will be displayed whenever you make a call to your prospect. So it concludes the contact number protection concern and maintains your reputation among prospects. Admins can assign the prospect list to their sales members to make a call. 

To make a call from the dashboard, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard tab of YogLeads Dashboard. You can find prospects on the dashboard list here with their contact details. 

Step 2: Click on any prospect lead you wish to connect with; a side slide will open, and from there, you can make a call. 

Pending List Details on the Pending Report

Step 3: Then click the Dial Call option to make a call. Additionally, you can type numbers manually to make a call from the dashboard.

Pending List Detail with Dial Call button

Right after a call, you can update the call response using the Update Call option. Create a Custom Tag to mark a specific comment based on the prospect's response. You can mention connecting status as the wrong Number, not connected, or connected. For connected calls, add more details like Lead Status as interested or not interested, call by tomorrow or next week, and give a remark to a call response. 

Benefits of Cloud Telephone Steup

  • YogLeads Cloud Telephone setup uses a virtual telephone number to make a call to add a layer of protection for business phone numbers and avoid being recognized as Spam among targeting prospects.

  • Make unlimited calls a day and get the details of each call you and your team member (child user) made. You can check the date when a call was made and the call duration and get a call recording that can be downloaded. 

  • It prevents the time spent dialing the Number on the phone and making a call. Call through a dashboard and mark the call response in real time.

  • The prospect you marked to be called a day after or on any specific date will be shown on top of your Pending Leads list on that date to remind you to make another attempt at a call.

LeadBot AI: WhatsApp AutoResponder

Additionally, Yogleads has a feature that enables users to integrate leads from popular marketplaces like IndiaMART, Facebook, TradeIndia, and other marketplaces directly into the Yogleads dashboard. This integration guarantees that all potential customers gather on a centralized platform to establish connections with leads, promote your brand, and cultivate leads for future orders. 

Conversation with prospects can be achieved with LeadBot AI-empowered WhatsApp AutoResponder. WhatsApp AutoResponder interacts with a potential customer using your company's name based on their query on the marketplace platform.

How to Enable LeadBot AI Responder

Step 1: On the YogLeads Dashboard, in the Search History tab, you can see the LeadBot AutoResponder button; click on it.

LeadBot AI WA AutoResponder

Step 2: Enter your Company Name and select your Closest Location. This name will be followed every time the AutoResponder sends messages. So, could you write the name correctly and review it?

LeadBot AI empowered WhatsApp AutoResponder

(Note: You must be integrated with any of the marketplace platforms, such as IndiaMART, to enable this feature)

Step 3: Scan the QR code with your mobile WhatsApp account. 

That's it; your WhatsApp AutoResponder is now enabled, and you can automate messaging your inbound marketplace leads.

Features of WhatsApp AutoRespnder

  • Design a pre-made message using the customer's inquiry and transmit it automatically. Establishing a connection is an initial action toward nurturing potential customers.

  • The strategy involves pursuing the lead with targeted messaging over a week to develop a connection and guide the lead through the nurturing process.

  • Based on their interest in your brand, it verifies, enhances, and assesses the lead.

  • WhatsApp AutoResponder can help safeguard your brand's image and enhance the value of your business name by automatically responding to customer inquiries and providing them with prompt and helpful information.


More than half of our users have received immediate responses from buyers after utilizing AutoResponder, indicating a strong interest in the product among potential customers.

Manage Leads on the YogLeads Dashboard

With the lead management service, the dashboard adds an extra layer to the sales cycle. We know that making calls and marketing your product is not enough; businesses need to track the performances of all such marketing campaigns. It is crucial to follow the campaign and call performance to analyze the need for improvement and better futurement of sales. 

Get rid of long and complex Excel files to manage prospect reports, and get your hands on the YogLeads dashboard for productive lead management. 

You can supervise the real-time Reports of Calls and Marketing Campaigns in the Dashboard tab. 

Cloud Telephone Calls and Marketing Campaigns Reports on YogLeads Dashboard

Pending Leads Report

The Pending Leads option lists all the leads extracted from YogLeads B2B Search or imported from the different marketplaces. In this report, you can see the number of call attempts made connecting with the lead. Also, the prospect's name will be shown automatically at the top of the list on the follow-up day. So, you can make a follow-up call to that prospect and update the call response. 

You can select Integrations or User B2B Leads to see Pending Leads. Also, the admin user can supervise their sales team member's Calls and Campaign Reports (child users). However, access to track the admin report is not given to the sales team. 

  • Lead Connect status (either connected or not connected) of prospects and the remark based on the call response.

  • Name and email ID of the sales member who called the prospect.

  • Call duration and call recording of calls made by admin and sales team members. You can even download recordings.

Calling Report

It counts the number of calls made with the Cloud Telephone setup. Admin can track:

  • Total leads to be connected.

  • Worked Leads, counts the attempt made connecting with the lead with Cloud Telephone.

  • Connected Leads are those who pick up a call and have a conversation.

  • Interested Leads are the prospects who showed interest in your product or services. You can then follow up on such prospects and onboard them as customers.

Calling Report

WhatsApp Report

Users can track the WhatsApp Marketing Campaign performance for B2B leads in the WhatsApp Report. In the detailed report, the user can count.

  • Total number of messages sent in the campaign.

  • Delivered messages show the measure of the messages received on prospect WA. It ensures the contact details are correct.

  • Read Messages that count the messages seen by the prospects. 

  • Replies Received: the number of responses you received from prospects. It enriches the prospect's interest in your product or service.

WhatsApp Report on YogLeads Dashboard

Email Report

Users can supervise your Email Marketing Campaign report. You can measure:

  • Schedule Email counts the number of emails pending to be delivered to the prospects. 

  • Sent Email is the total number of emails sent in the campaign.

  • Opened Email: it tells how many emails are being opened by the prospects. It is essential to have this figure so you can overlook your email campaign performance and make quality changes accordingly.

  • Invalid Email counts the emails not sent to prospects because of failures like invalid email addresses, network connection issues, and SMPT issues.

Email Report

LeadBot Report

Like WhatsApp, LeadBot Report measures the campaigning report for integrated marketplace leads. The Leadbot AI-empowered WhatsApp AutoResponder automates message delivery to prospects based on their queries. So, you can further count the: 

  • Send Messages that are being sent automatically to the inbound leads.

  • Delivered Messages: the messages are successfully delivered to the prospects. It ensures the lead details are legitimate.

  • Read Messages and Replies Received.

LeadBot Report onYogLeads Dashboard

All the above Campaigning data can be filtered using the date option. You can select the date and measure the performance to check the count.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. How do I generate a prospect list for my sales team on the YogLeads dashboard?

On the YogLeads Dashboard, select the prospect lists you want to generate for your sales team. Then, select the team member on the Add to Calling List button. The prospect will then be shown in the sales member dashboard.

Ques. How often should I follow up with prospects?

It is advised to maintain at least a week gap between your first call and a follow-up call. Or, based on the prospect request, you make a follow-up. It helps in maintaining your reputation among prospects.

Ques. How do I connect with prospects on a personal level?

YogLeads enable the personal level connection panel. You can make a one-on-one call and create a WhatsApp and Email marketing campaign to engage your prospects and showcase your products. 

Ques. Does YogLeads use LinkedIn to find new leads?

Yes, YogLeads uses LinkedIn to extract quality leads. You will get LinkedIn profiles and email IDs to contact them and pitch your product or service.

Ques. How do I find qualified leads for my sales team?

You search quality leads using the YogLeads B2B Search Platform. Search for the Business you are targeting and specify the location. Then, you can also manage these leads on a dashboard and connect with leads on a personal level.

Ques. How do we engage in lead generation?

First, find leads with YogLeads B2B Search and arrange them on the dashboard. Then, you can directly call your leads from the dashboard and send personalized WhatsApp or emails to engage them with your brand. Also, maintain the follow-up procedure to nurture and convert them into your customers. 

Ques. How do I create a WhatsApp marketing campaign with YogLeads?

Access the YogLeads Dashboard, and click WhatsApp Marketing Panel in Search History. Choose your location, and scan the QR code with your WhatsApp mobile account. Select Prospects in the same tab, then click Send Message to open the WhatsApp panel. Type messages or use templates to connect with prospects efficiently.

Ques. How can a WhatsApp marketing campaign protect my contact number from being recognized as Spam?

Our innovative WhatsApp marketing solution guarantees account safety. Messages are sent at intervals, not simultaneously, preventing bans. We introduce a brief delay between each Message and group them in batches of 25, minimizing the risk of account restrictions due to suspicious activity.

Ques. How do you get many email addresses easily for email marketing?

Search prospects of your target on YogLeads and arrange them on the dashboard. You will get details of prospects like contact numbers and email addresses. You can even perform email marketing on the YogLeads dashboard itself.

Ques. How do I get cloud telephony for my Business?

YogLeads offers a Cloud Telephone setup to make calls and track their response on the dashboard without even using your private number. It protects from being marked Spam. 

Ques. What is a good option, a toll-free number or cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony setup is considerable in cold calling as it prevents your phone number from being marked as Spam. YogLeads Cloud telephone setup uses a virtual number to make a call, so your number is not publicly available, and you still connect with prospects.


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