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Integrate Marketplace Leads with YogLeads Dashboard

Updated: Feb 9

Integrate Marketplace Leads with YogLeads Dashboard

Yogleads is a top lead generation and management tool that changes how businesses capture leads and manage sales processes. Yogleads helps businesses and B2B companies of all sizes by using advanced platforms to create a smart lead generation strategy.

Moreover, Yogleads came up with a marketplace lead integration feature allowing users to bring major marketplaces such as IndiaMART, Facebook, and TradeIndia leads directly into the Yogleads dashboard. This integration ensures that all potential customers converge on a unified platform to connect with leads, market your brand, and nurture leads for future order generation.

Controlling inbound leads through the Marketplace is now accessible through the Dashboard, as it enables you to contact them via WhatsApp, Email, and Dialer. Our WhatsApp AutoResponder will send out pre-designed messages to leads based on their query in the Marketplace platform to initiate a conversation. You can also track the messages' engagement via the Dashboard and communicate with the lead accordingly.

How to integrate IndiaMART Leads with YogLeads Dashboard

For the users active on IndiaMART for business purposes, YogLeads lets you integrate your IndiaMart leads into the YogLeads Dashboard to manage lead information seamlessly. Improve your lead management experience on the Dashboard and communicate your targeted leads with customized interaction.

With a few steps, user can enable the marketplace integration feature on their YogLeads Dashboard.

Follow the steps below to get an API Key from IndiaMart (Applicable for Paid Sellers only).

Step 1: Visit the IndiaMART Seller Key Generation Page. Get your IndiaMART API Key.

Step 2: Log in to your IndiaMART Paid Seller Account with the required credentials.

Step 3: Click the Generate Key Button to generate the API Key. Copy the API Key using the Copy Button.

Copying API Key from the Key Generation Page of IndiaMART marketplace

Step 4: On the YogLeads Dashboard, go to the Integrations plugin and select the IndiaMART option. Paste your copied API in the API Key box and Register.

The YogLeads dashboard will import all your IndiaMART leads, and you can manage them in the Dashboard section. 

How to Integrate Facebook Ad Leads with YogLeads Dashboard

Facebook is another marketplace that provides advancement to your business growth by reaching out to potential customers showcasing your product. It is easy to generate leads from Facebook ads leads forms by effectively publishing the ads based on your location, targeted customers, and the quality of a product.

However, it becomes a complex and time-consuming process to manage all the coming leads and their queries to organize on the Facebook page. Also, the tracking of leads is not possible through Facebook ads, and thus, it impacts the conversion rate of the leads. 

Therefore, our platform helps you integrate your Facebook leads and manage them on a single platform.

Users having ongoing Facebook ads on their business page can leverage this integration feature to import their leads following the steps.

Step 1: On the YogLeads Dashboard, go to the Integrations tab and select Facebook.

Step 2: Click on the Get Started button to link YogLeads WebApp to your Facebook account.

Step 3: Log in to your Facebook account. Select the business page on which the campaign is ongoing. 

Then, you'll get a prompt approving your business page web app integrated with YogLeads.

Selecting the Facebook business page to integrate campaign leads

Now, all your Facebook ad campaign leads will be integrated with the YogLeads dashboard and can be managed easily. 

TradeIndia Leads Integration with YogLeads Dashboard

Integration with the TradeIndia marketplace leads is also possible with the YogLeads dashboard. Users actively working in the TradeIndia marketplace get a variety of leads, and managing them is, again, a challenge. Thus, it becomes easy to manage your leads with our platform.

With a few simpler steps, user can integrate their TradeIndia account into the YogLeads dashboard.

Step 1: Visit the TradeIndia Key Generation Page. You must be logged in with a TradeIndia Paid Seller Account.

Step 2: Go to Inquiries & Contacts and click on My Inquiry API.

Step 3: Copy your User ID, Profile ID, and API Key.

Step 4: In the YogLeads dashboard Integration tab, select the TradeIndia option and paste copied credentials in respective fields. Click on Register.

With these steps, all your TradeIndia leads will now be imported into the YogLeads dashboard and can be monitored effectively.

Marketplace Lead Integration with YogLeads Dashboard

Features of Lead Capturing API Marketplace Integration

YogLeads' Marketplace Integration seamlessly consolidates leads onto the Dashboard, providing real-time access to customer queries. The AI-driven WhatsApp AutoResponder initiates prompt, personalized conversations, nurturing leads efficiently. The system empowers users with comprehensive lead management through custom tags and detailed reports.

Capture Leads on Real Time Basis

Once the integration of the Marketplace is achieved, every lead serving on the Marketplace will now be shown directly on the Dashboard. Integration creates an interface between customer requests and the Dashboard, which means every new lead will be integrated into the Dashboard with every detail.

As the new lead is integrated into the Dashboard, our WA AutoResponder will send a template message to the lead based on their queries to initiate a first conversation.

WhatsApp AutoResponder

Importing leads from the Marketplace into the Dashboard is the first step, which can be achieved with our Integration feature, but more is needed. The seller has to initiate a first conversation with the buyer, and manually connecting is not the right option; thus, we have introduced our AI-empowered WhatsApp AutoResponder feature.

WhatsApp AutoResponder to initiate a conversation between the visitor on marketplace

Our WhatsApp AutoResponder feature communicates with the lead on behalf of your Company name.

WhatsApp AutoResponder can:

  • Create a template message based on the customer's query and send it automatically. Connecting is a first step towards nurturing the leads.

  • It follows up the lead with messaging in the meantime of a week to build a relationship and follow the journey of lead nurturing.

  • It validates, enriches, and qualifies the lead based on their interest in your brand.

  • WhatsApp AutoResponder helps immune your brand reputation among buyers and creates value for your business name.

  • It provides a LeadBot report that measures the number of messages sent, delivered messages, read messages, and messages received.

Our users have experienced more than 50% of buyers responding immediately to the message sent by AutoResponder, which ensures their interest in the product.

Manage Lead Status with Custom Tag

After integrating the Marketplace leads, the next step required is to manage the status of the leads based on their response to your messages, emails, and calls. Keep the status of your leads' responses on the Dashboard, and you can now plan a nurturing journey for a lead.

In the Dashboard tab, you can get the details of:

  • Pending Leads Report gives the measure of leads remaining to be connected or were not connected on the first call.

  • Calling Reports: In calling reports, you get the figure of the number of leads pending connection, number of calls made, number of calls connected, and total interested leads.

  • WhatsApp Reports: The report enables you to measure the number of WhatsApp messages sent, delivered messages, read messages, and replies received.

  • Email Reports: Similarly, email reports describe the number of scheduled emails, sent emails, opened emails, and invalid emails (emails not delivered due to various reasons).

Manage Pending lead, WhatsApp, and Email Reports

Users also get the feature of creating a Custom Tag specific to the particular lead. It helps in unifying specific leads from others.

Remarketing Leads to Nurturing Future Order Generation

Remarketing is crucial to maintaining a strong relationship between your customer and future potential customers to make an impact and improve your customer retention percentage. YogLeads lets you connect with your existing and previous Marketplace leads to build a strong reputation in the customer's mind, with our campaigning and communication features like WhatsApp and email marketing to maintain the relationship of seller and buyer.

To connect and nurture your prospect leads, YogLeads provide

WhatsApp Marketing: Connect with your lead with our WhatsApp marketing feature. With this feature, user can:

  • Send 200 WhatsApp messages a day.

  • Schedule your messages to a specific date and time to automate the message delivery.

  • Attach a file (size of 10MB) along with a message to promote your brand image and statistics with the leads.

  • Save a customized template.

  • Get IP allocation closer to your location.

WhatsApp Marketing Feature to send messages on whatsapp

Also, to avoid the restriction of sending messages on WhatsApp, we enabled a message batching. With this, your messages will be sent in different slots with a proper delay to ensure the genuineness of the sender's reputation.

Email Marketing: This marketing feature enables users to send emails to their prospects' leads and ensures the email is delivered to the user's inbox. It allows

  • Send emails to multiple selected leads in a single click.

  • Compose email with our AI-text assistant.

  • Get delivered to the receiver's mailbox and avoid being landed in the spam box.

  • Schedule your email to be sent on a specified date and time.

  • Attach files to represent your brand and increase engagement with the customer.

Email marketing to send emails

Keep Data Safe and Secure

The YogLeads server is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which protects your data, accounts, and workloads from any unauthorized access. With AWS data protection measures, you get the encryption capabilities, sensitive data recovery, and key management to protect your data. We ensure the safety and security of your data shared with the YogLeads.

Integrate: Connect, Govern, and Measure

Connect to End Lead

Connect your customer lead with streamlined marketing tools with Marketplace integration to ease the complexities of managing customers and efficiently assign quality leads to the sales teams.

With YogLeads, users can:

  • Simplify multi-marketplace lead intake.

  • Keep only qualified and interested lead data in the platform.

  • Enable a bi-directional conversation with your prospects leads.

Govern Marketable Leads

Governance of integrated data standardizes the process of validating the lead information, data formatting, and ensuring compliance. Effective governance results in imbounding 100% marketable leads in the YogLeads platform.

  • Minimize the time spent manually on finding leads and get rid of unuseful data in your system.

  • Reduce media spend by disapproving the unqualified leads.

  • Grow and guard your brand name in the market from compliance complaints.

Measure to Make Wise Decisions

Leverage our lead-capturing API Integration of marketplaces to measure media and cross-channel impact. Unify your customer expectations along with your promises using our platform. Supervise and optimize lead journeys and marketing campaigns with wise decisions.

  • Visualize multiple lead group engagement.

  • Optimize sales performance with insightful plugins like Lead Status, Custom tag, and analytics features.

  • Precise your media spend with our time-saving marketing features and witness the growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. What is YogLeads marketplace integration?

YogLeads Marketplace integration is the process of connecting marketplaces to YogLeads. The integration lets users bring their marketplace lead customers into the YogLeads dashboard to manage sales, connect with leads, and promote their brand.

Ques. Which marketplaces can be integrated into the YogLeads dashboard?

Marketplaces like IndiaMART, Facebook, and TradeIndia can be integrated to import customer leads into the YogLeads dashboard and manage sales performance.

Ques. Which Marketplace API can integrate the lead in the YogLeads dashboard?

YogLeads allows API integration of marketplaces like IndiaMart, TradeIndia, and Facebook. Also, customized integration can be done on request.

Ques. How do you integrate the Marketplace lead customer base into YogLeads?

Integration of Marketplace with the YogLeads dashboard is a simpler 2-3 step process. Users of IndiaMart and TradeIndia can integrate lead buy, providing an API Key to the Dashboard following the steps mentioned. Leads from Facebook can be integrated by selecting the business page that is running the ad campaign. 

Complete detailed steps of integration are mentioned above.

Ques. How are my customer leads secure with the YogLeads dashboard?

YogLeads server is hosted on AWS web hosting service, which ensures the safety and security of your data, accounts, and workloads. All your data is secured in highly secure AWS data centers.

Ques. Apart from the Marketplace mentioned above integration. What other Marketplace can be integrated into the YogLeads dashboard?

Apart from the mentioned marketplace integration, YogLeads allows integration from marketplaces like Zoho, 99acres, and HubSpot, and custom integration can be achieved with any other marketplace on request. 

Ques. How does HubSpot integrate with YogLeads?

For any customized integration a user can demand while purchasing a plan, we will integrate your requested Marketplace like Zoho, HubSpot, and others. With integration, you can manage and communicate with all integrated leads using our empowered features.

Ques. What are effective strategies to scale a B2B marketplace using YogLeads?

YogLeads provides you with an effective sales management platform to manage the inbound and communicate to nurture leads. With our communication features like WhatsApp AutoResponder, WhatsApp, and Email Marketing, user can scale up their B2B marketplace sales.

Ques. How do I get real-time marketplace data on the YogLeads dashboard?

After the successful integration of Marketplace with YogLeads, all your new real-time lead data will be redirected to the Dashboard. Customers visiting your marketplace page and reviewing your product will now be shown in your YogLeads dashboard with complete details.


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