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Integration representation between YogLeads and HubSpot

Manage your leads proficiently through smooth HubSpot Integration!

Effortlessly manage and engage with your prospects on HubSpot, Export your qualified leads data on your HubSpot CRM in quick easy steps.

Yog B2B Prospect Search
Export Data
Yog B2B Prospect Search platform

Extract highly qualified data of your targeted prospects for your business from multiple sources in just few clicks with Yogleads. Exporting your leads is now easier with our dynamic integrations. You can now export your qualified lead data on prominent platforms including HubSpot, Zoho, facilating businesses to manage all their lead data on single platform. 

Integrate HubSpot in 8 simple steps:

Select the account, you wish to connect with HubSpot. You can select the same account, you used for HubSpot installation.

Step 2

On B2B Prospect Search choose to integrate HubSpot account
Selecting HubSpot to integrate with YogLeads

On the B2B Prospect Search, click on the Export Data tab and then select the Export to Hubspot option.

Step 1

Based on your location, you can opt for where you would like to host your data. We recommend hosting on U.S location. Continue with creating an account.

Step 4

User opting between the locations - U.S. or UE
Interface to create or login to existing HubSpot account

Connecting your YogLeads account to HubSpot. Users can directly Sign in to their existing HubSpot account or create a new HubSpot account.

Step 3

HubSpot Integration setup will ask for permission to access and connect the account. Approve the confirmation by clicking the "Connect app" button.

Step 6

HubSpot norms to create an account
Choosing account associated with HubSpot

 Choose an account. You will see your company name(s) and URLs associated with HubSpot. Select an account you wish to continue with. 

(Note: HubSpot does not mention the account email address here. It shows the registered business details only when the account is created.)

Step 5

Everything is ready Now. All your extracted prospect details are now accessible on the HubSpot dashboard. You can now edit, and add columns in HubSpot to keep the data you need.

Step 8

HubSpot CRM filled with extracted leads from YogLeads
Confirmation of successful HubSpot account integration

After approval, you will see a confirmation notification in your YogLeads dashboard. This indicates, your YogLeads app is successfully connected to HubSpot account.

Step 7

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