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Find Qualified Leads for Your Business | B2B Leads

Updated: Apr 8

Find Leads for Your Business Main Image Template

In the fast-paced world of business, finding and managing leads efficiently is crucial for success. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, YogLeads has your back. Our powerful Yog B2B platform transforms the way you find and handle business leads. Using the Google My Business (GMB) tool, our platform empowers your search for business leads globally.

YogLeads understands the challenges businesses face in the competitive market. That's why we've developed a user-friendly and effective solution – the YogLeads B2B Lead Search Platform. This is an advanced platform allowing effortless extraction of valuable business leads with just a few clicks.

YogLeads B2B Leads Extracting Platform

YogLeads B2B Leads Search is an advanced platform that helps businesses, enterprises, or B2B marketers generate sales leads globally from the internet and arrange them in a dashboard. Based on your search for business leads keywords and location the YogLeads B2B search platform provides the most precise information not readily available on the internet or social media platforms. 

With the ease of extracting business leads, YogLeads lets users manage them effectively to improve their sales process and nurture leads. Having leads in one platform empowers businesses to manage the sales cycle, promote products or services, and connect directly with customers, which grows sales and networks.

Find Leads for Business using YogLeads

Step 1: Go to the Yog B2B Lead Search Dashboard and sign in with the email ID.

On the dashboard, there is a Business Search Keyword and Search Location search tab where you can search for leads.

Yog B2B Search Page to find leads

In the Business Search Keyword you have to mention the business you are targeting to generate leads and in location select the location of the businesses you are looking for.

For example, you can search for Shoe manufacturers in Delhi, India.

Step 2: Click on the Extract Result button to generate leads.

You will get the list of all shoe manufacturers in Delhi (based on their profile and presence in GMB).

Search result based on the business keyword and location

You are provided with a View More button to extract more company information. To select any company, click the button, you will information like GST Number, Turnover, Entity Type, and Executive Name.

Extracted details of a lead from YogLeads B2B Leads search platform

From the extracted data shown above, you can see there are multiple contacts extracted from the company's website. Thus, you will get multiple contact numbers, and other key details using the Yogleads B2B Leads search platform.

If you keep on scrolling the result, you can select the Load More button to get more results.

Step 3: Click on the View Dashboard button (given in the top right) to see all searched results on the YogLeads dashboard. Ensure you have already logged in to the dashboard or can log in now.

All the companies can be seen on the dashboard, along with their Mobile number, address, email address, turnover, GST numbers, entity type, and other details.

Companies exported on the YogLeads dashboard

Lead Management on YogLeads Dashboard

After successfully extracting the leads on the YogLeads dashboard, users can manage them productively to maintain their sales process. Below are some exciting features available to the users:


Users can send WhatsApp messages to all leads at the same time. Sending individual messages is such a time-consuming process, and this is why we have introduced this feature.

WhatsApp Message Sender feature on YogLeads Dashboard

Users can send pre-defined template messages to leads along with attachments. You can create your Template message using the Create New option, so you don't need to write messages again and again.

Also, users can schedule their WhatsApp messages by selecting the Schedule for Later option to send messages on specific dates and times.


Similar to the WhatsApp feature, the Email feature lets users send Emails to all their leads at the same time or Schedule Emails for later delivery. 

Emailing feature on the YogLeads dashboard

Use our AI-Assistant Email Writer to compose an email simply by mentioning a few prompts. Provide details like Sender Title, Company Name, Mail Length, and Vocabulary expression. 

Email AI-assistant writer to compose email

Get Delivered in the Sender’s mailbox!  

Add to Calling List

With this feature, you can assign the leads to yourself or other team members (child users) to start connecting with prospecting leads. The list of assigned leads will be shown in the Dashboard tab. In this tab, you get the report of 

  • Pending Leads (leads remaining to connect). Measure the number of attempts made to communicate with leads.

  • Calling Report to track the number of calls connected. You get a detailed report including the date and time of the call, call duration, and call recording.

  • WhatsApp Report, to track the number of messages sent, delivered, and responses received.

  • Email Report to measure the Email schedule, email sent, open email, and invalid email. 

YogLeads dashboard showing the pending list of leads

All the records can be seen in the Search History tab. As per your entries in the status column, your leads are managed automatically. If you have mentioned the date to connect with the lead, that lead will be shown on top that day to remind you.

Features of YogLeads B2B Search

Yog B2B by YogLeads offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance business lead generation. With the ability to extract global data and additional contacts sourced from websites and various social media platforms, the Inclusion of firmographic information adds depth to the extracted data and LinkedIn profiles of key individuals. 

Search Data Across Boundaries

YogLeads is designed to cater to businesses aiming to expand their reach globally. YogLeads B2B Search assists you in finding business data globally according to your research keyword. Despite your location, you can get global data in a single search, thus overcoming the limitations of local boundaries. 

The reliability and authenticity of data are always questions of businesses, which have been solved by claiming that fetched data are genuine and authorized. YogLeads not only assists you in finding leads globally but also ensures you are getting some valuable data to work on. 

For instance, you can search for Restaurants in New York, US. The search results are shown below.

Search result of Restaurants in New York, US

Businesses get the benefits, including.

  1. It ensures that the data provided is genuine and reliable, ensuring that your business decisions are based on accurate information.

  2. Save time on lead generation tasks with the quick and precise results delivered by YogLeads, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

  3. Eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming lead generation methods. YogLeads provides a cost-effective solution for businesses of every size.

Additional Contacts from Websites and Social Media

The search magic lies in its ability to source leads not only from websites but also from social media platforms. It scours the internet to provide you with a comprehensive list of potential leads, saving you valuable time and effort.

On the internet, you only get the data provided by the company, and it is limited. Instead of searching websites or scrolling social media platforms, you can use the YogLeads B2B Search that fetches information available on the internet and social media platforms and serves you in a single search.

Get Firmographic Information

One standout feature of the YogLeads B2B Search is its ability to uncover firmographic information about companies. Think of firmographic information as the DNA of a company – the unique characteristics that define its identity. With YogLeads, you can access key details about businesses, helping you tailor your approach and make more informed decisions.

In the firmographic information, you get:

  • GST Number

  • Turnover

  • Entity Type

  • Executive Name 

Understanding firmographic information is like having a map for your business journey. It enables you to:

  1. Tailor your product or services to companies that align with your target market.

  2. Refine your marketing strategies based on the firmographic data, ensuring a more effective and efficient approach.

  3. Craft personalized messages that resonate with the unique needs and challenges of each company.

Get LinkedIn Profiles

YogLeads B2B Search provides an extra layer of the sales cycle by enabling you to achieve Account-based marketing to focus on target accounts in a market. YogLeads specializes in retrieving LinkedIn profiles of highly designated individuals within companies. This includes key decision-makers and influencers. You can optimize the search by filtering Company type, profile designations, and location of business. 

Users focusing on account-based marketing or looking to connect the highly designated profile of a business can search the LinkedIn profile with the help of the email ID of the individual. If you have an email ID of a designated individual, you can get their LinkedIn profile. 

How it is beneficial

  1. The extracted profiles are verified, enhancing their reliability for businesses. Accurate and up-to-date information is crucial for successful lead generation.

  2. With access to LinkedIn profiles of specific individuals within companies, businesses can enhance their targeting strategies. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of reaching decision-makers directly.

  3. By having verified and targeted profiles, companies can improve their conversion rates. It contributes to the overall effectiveness of B2B marketing campaigns.

Export Data

Exporting data to Excel is a common and valuable feature for businesses and individuals alike. Thus, the B2B Search lets the user export the searched data to Excel. 

Exporting data to Excel simplifies the process of data analysis, reporting, and sharing. It allows for seamless integration with Microsoft Excel's powerful features, providing a convenient way to work with and present information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. How can I find digital marketing agency leads using the YogLeads B2B Search platform?

In the Business Search Keyword search tab of the YogLeads B2B platform, search for Digital Marketing agency. Select the location to precise the result. It will find and list all digital marketing agencies, and you can add them to your dashboard.

For instance, you can search for Digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon.

Ques. How do YogLeads find leads on LinkedIn?

With our YogLeads B2B search page, you can search for the business or account you are targeting for connecting. Also, by providing an email ID of an individual, it can process to provide a LinkedIn profile of that individual. You can refine the search by filtering company type, profile designations, and location of business. 

Ques. What are the best strategies YogLeads uses to generate leads?

YogLeads B2B Search page fetches data using GMB based on your given business keywords and location. It extracts data available on the internet and also from websites and social media platforms of companies. Regardless of your location, you can extract global data for your business purposes and manage them effectively on a dashboard.

Ques. What firmographic information can I get using the YogLeads B2B Search?

With the YogLeads B2B Leads search platform, you get firmographic information, including GST Number, Turnover, and additional contact numbers, which are not available on the internet. You can elevate your marketing strategies based on the firmographic data, ensuring a more effective and efficient approach.

Ques. How many leads can I extract per day using the YogLeads B2B leads search platform?

You can extract 200 leads per day using the YogLeads B2B Leads search platform. To increase the search limit you ask us through our WhatsApp and email id.

Ques. How do YogLeads qualify the leads on the web?

Based on your business search keywords and location, our B2B leads search provides data matching your requirements and location. Using the GMB tool, it extract the most reputed and valued businesses. Also, you can select companies that you find suitable for your business purpose.

Ques. Can small business owners and salespeople use the YogLeads B2B leads search to find leads?

Yes, small business owners or salespersons can use the YogLeads B2B search to find leads. It is suitable for every business regardless of their business nature, company size, and location.


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