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Global Prospect Search | Get Director Details of Companies

Updated: Feb 19

YogLeads Global Search: Get Prospect Director Details Template image

YogLeads' Global Prospect Search feature offers information on over 80 Lakhs GST (Goods and Services Tax) registered companies in India, allowing businesses to retrieve their directors' details, including contact numbers, email IDs, GST numbers, and Turnovers. Such details can be utilized to build a connection with high-profile individuals in the organization. Also, companies practicing account-based marketing can streamline their search with the YogLeads Global Search feature and focus on targeting renowned accounts.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is a business marketing approach that focuses on targeting accounts within a market. It includes personalized campaigns to engage individual accounts and build the market message based on the need for an account and specific attributes.

Beyond lead generation, ABM takes a more comprehensive view of marketing. Marketing to individual accounts to uplift selling and cross-selling is critical in getting the most value out of the largest accounts pool. Instead of targeting a vast network, adapting ABM with sales to unify key prospects and customized programs and messages can promise higher growth in a shorter frame.

LinkedIn Account-Based Accounting

LinkedIn account-based marketing lets businesses or marketers engage with the account that aligns with their business by customizing their LinkedIn LinkedIn-sponsored content and Ad campaigns to index some priority accounts followed by layering profile-based targetings, such as seniority or job role, to showcase their content in front of the right person of an organization.

Finding and connecting with the renowned accounts of the organization is, again, a challenge in itself. When such an account does not recognize you as an ideal business partner, then there is less chance you will get a response.

Direct Account-Based Marketing

Besides LinkedIn account-based marketing, businesses can practice direct account-based marketing focusing on Pvt. Ltd companies. Direct ABM targets high-profile or decision-maker individuals by connecting through direct mailing, Email campaigns, business events, personalized follow-up after the events, and webinars.

However, it requires much effort and time, and the results do not promise success. That’s why businesses need tools and technologies to achieve impactful account-based marketing.

Account-Based Marketing with YogLeads

YogLeads introduces Global Prospect Search that enables businesses to find and connect with Directors of companies easily in their preferred location. YogLeads Prospect Explorer gives you the director details of your selected company type. 

Any company's board of directors is central to decision-making and governs the process; thus, organizations should consider connecting with them to empower their business growth strategies and plans. YogLeads Global search prospect provides Director details, including Organisation Mobile Number, Email, GST Number, and HSN/SAC Numbers.

Get Director Details of 80 Lakhs GST Registered Companies

Getting director details and other firmographic information like GST numbers and turnover empowers new businesses for effective marketing, lead generation, and business verification. Directors of such companies are key decision-makers who regulate the company's regulations and decide on their business partners. Thus, connecting with such decision-maker individuals helps small businesses and enterprises bring big companies into their portfolios and grow their businesses.

Details you get:

  • Director's Mobile number

  • Director's Email ID

  • GST Number

  • Turnover of a Company

  • HSN/SAC Numbers of goods and services

How YogLeads Global Search is Beneficial?

Comprehensive Business Information:

  • Access to director details helps understand the key decision-makers within a company and eases targeted outreach and communication.

  • Thorough business information streamlines the account-based marketing strategy by unifying an organization's key accounts that hold seniority and decision-making authority.

Enhanced Targeting and Marketing:

  • With the ability to access director details, businesses can tailor their marketing and sales strategies to specific individuals within the target organizations.

  • Personalized communication can lead to more effective outreach and higher chances of building meaningful business relationships.

  • The feature provides valuable market intelligence by offering insights into the size, scope, and structure of the SMBs and MSMEs companies.

Efficient Lead Generation:

  • The feature furnishes important business information by giving insights into the scale, scope, and organization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

  • This targeted approach saves time and resources compared to more general marketing efforts.

How to Use YogLeads Global Prospect Search

Using YogLeads' global prospect search feature is an effortless step to extract the director's details of a GST-registered company. This feature can be accessed on the YogLeads Dashboard. You can search from a database of more than 8000000 prospects of GST-registered companies from all over India. 

Visit the YogLeads Dashboard and sign in with your preferred email ID. Then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the Global Search tab, where you can see credentials like HSN/SAC, City, State, Pincode, and Company.

By providing any of the above credentials, you can extract director data.

YogLeads Global Search Feature

Step 2: Add company name, and to precise the result, mention the state or city of the company. Or you can extract the Director details of all companies in a specified city or state.

For Example, you can search for Reliance Industries in Maharashtra.

Search Result for Reliance Industries in Maharashtra

Step 3: Click the Get Director Details button for your preferred company. You will get the director's details, including Phone number, Email address, GST number, and HSN/SAC Numbers.

Detailed information about director of a company

Note: You can keep the location credentials empty to extract the data on a large scale so the companies' list increases.

Searches can be made by submitting any of the credentials shown above.

Search using HSC/SAC Codes: Extract details through the HSN or SAC codes of goods or services, respectively. Similarly, SAC code can used to search for specific services. You can search for products or services directly or give the HSN/SAC code to get a list of classified goods or services based on their HSN/SAC code.

For Example, search for 73063010, an HSN-coded steel product made of iron.

Search result using HSN Code

If you don't have the HSN/SAC code, you can describe the good or service you seek. Select the Search HSN/SAC by description checkbox, then write your interest or service. You will get the related HSN/SAC code of such goods. Select the code describing your targeted good/service and click the Search button.

Searching the businesses using HSN/SAC code or description

For Example, search for Steel to get a list of specified goods with their HSN code. Select the product that describes your target and click on the search button.

Similarly, you can search by describing the services of your target.

Searching companies details based on their service using YogLeads Global Search

Search by Location: By adding the location like City, State, and PIN code of companies of your target, you can precise the search result. This search is helpful when you are targeting companies in a particular region or city.

For example, search for Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Search result for Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in YogLeads Global Search

There are 6,704 GST-registered companies in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and you can get Director details of each.

Search Company Name: You can search by their name if you are targeting a specific company or its sub-companies.

Filters for Search Results: Out of all associated GST-registered companies with YogLeads, users can search companies using filters such as Turnover and Business Activities. You can select the turnover range, and the companies that lie in that range will appear. Similarly, you can apply Business Activities, which define the business offering or the business type.

Some Important Terms to Understand


HSN: HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature, which classifies market goods. HSN code is a global standard considered for classifying goods to calculate GST. It is a 6-digit uniform code that classifies more than 5000 products/goods and is valid worldwide. HSN is important to organize goods across the world logically and thoroughly, bringing a uniform grouping of goods and easing international trade.

Similar to goods, services are classified uniformly. Codes for classifying services are called Service Accounting Codes. SAC is a unique code of services for recognition, measurement, and taxation.

Turnover of a Company

Turnover, also known as gross revenue or income, is the total sales a business makes over a set period. The period could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. The revenue comes into the business before deducting expenses and operating costs. Turnover is measured by up all business income, including sales of goods or services over time.

Business Activities

Business activities are the main activities that businesses engage in for the main purpose of making a profit. This refers to a general term for all economic activities that a company performs during business. There are three main types of business activities: operating, financing, and investing.

Businesses engage in operating activities encompassing manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Finance activities involve obtaining cash from banks or investors, along with cash transactions with shareholders. Investing activities pertain to the prolonged use of cash, such as acquiring or selling assets and property and managing gains or losses from investments.```

Location of Company

The location of any company is its physical address where it has established its office or firm to run its operations. The location can be precise by adding the pin code of the city of the location. The company's physical location can be checked on the city government's website or the locality's chamber for more information, or the location can be found on Google.

Why GST Data of Company is Required

There are more than 14 million GST-registered companies in India, including private limited companies, SMBs, MSMEs, public companies, and many more. Access to GST data is essential for ensuring legal compliance, conducting due diligence, and gaining valuable market insights. Accessing GST data is crucial for business verification and due diligence. Knowing a company's GST number provides legality and ensures that the business is registered with the tax authorities.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account for the majority of businesses across the world and contribute to job creation and economic development. They constitute 90% of businesses and about 50% of employment worldwide. Thus, early businesses that want to be part of a growing market and witness some growth can partner up with SMBs and MSMEs businesses. Connecting with high-profile people or decision-makers of such companies could be the first step toward your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. What is the global search feature in YogLeads?

Global Search is a global prospect explorer feature of YogLeads that helps you find the Director details and firmographic information of more than 80 lakhs GST-registered.

Ques. How to enable global Search in YogLeads?

You need to sign in to YogLeads Dashboard, and in the Global Search tab, you can search for companies.

Ques. What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing is one of the business marketing strategies that utilize the resources to target and reach a specific account based on their designation and seniority level.

Ques. How can I verify the GST number searched from the YogLeads dashboard?

You can verify GST at the GST Portal ( and check if it is correct and valid. 

Ques. How do I get the contact details of the director using YogLeads Global Search?

You have to search for the company either by its name, geographical location, or HSC/SAN codes. Then click on the Get Director Detail button to extract information, including the Director's mobile number, Email ID, company GST number, and Turnover. 

Ques. Is DIN of a Director required to find details on YogLeads Global Search?

No, there is no need to know the DIN of a director to get details on a YogLeads Global Search. You can search by company name instead.

Ques. How do you get a company's GST number using YogLeads?

You can search for the company on the YogLeads Global Search tab. Then you will get the GST number and other additional details like the Director's contact number and email ID and the turnover of the company.

Ques. What are the HSN and SAC codes?

HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) codes, a global standard with 6-digit uniformity, classify over 5000 goods for GST calculation, promoting organized international trade. Similarly, Service Accounting Codes (SAC) categorize services uniquely, aiding in their recognition, measurement, and taxation.


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