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YogLeads Data Provider | Get 100M+ Professionals Contacts

Updated: Apr 8

YogLeads Professional Database

YogLeads introduces Prospect Explorer to search for Personal Details of people listed on professional network sites like LinkedIn. This Prospect Explorer lets you fetch contact details of 100 million+ professionals across the globe from various industries. Having a pool where businesses can fetch professional contacts is impactful in B2B prospecting. Searching professional's contact details requires manpower input and time investment, so you need an alternative to get it done.

Why do you Require professional contacts?

Running a successful business involves building a network of professional experts in their respective industries. This requires connecting and outreaching high-profile accounts and building relationships. For this, the first thing required is a qualifying prospect list that aligns with your project. YogLeads Prospect Explorer lets you:

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy that focuses on connecting a set of key accounts within a market. It includes personalized campaigns crafted to engage each account, messaging on the specific attributes and their need. Beyond just lead generation, ABM strategies bring a more holistic view of marketing.

Marketing to high-profile accounts of organizations for upselling and cross-selling is the key to getting the most value. The proof? More than 92% of companies report a jump in their ROI than any other marketing strategy.

Firstly, identify high-value accounts that can contribute the most to the company revenue to run effectively ABM. Researching those accounts is possible with YogLeads Profile Search. Get a prospect list that matters to your business and give the most out of your marketing efforts.

Effective ABM lets you:

  • Prospect profile, title, or interests of accounts to tailor communication addressing their needs and pain points.

  • Segment your target accounts, templatizing content, and outreach to concentrate resources on a qualified set of accounts.

  • Customize marketing campaigns. In customized content, you are doing more than just adding their name and referring to past interactions.

Content Promotion

Businesses promote their product or service, content, company updates, new launches, or projects on professional sites. But somewhere they lag in audience identification which means their target audience never gets to know about their company. All your content promotion and marketing is worthless until you don't determine and identify your target audience. A business can never gain market recognition and value by targeting the wrong audience.

Once you identified your ideal audience, the next step would be finding and connecting with a purpose to promote your proposal.

Find your target professional accounts with YogLeads Professionals Contacts Search, you can streamline your search. Get their LinkedIn profile data, and contact details and connect by sending a personalized template. You can even mail them your proposals, or offerings to build a personalized connection.

Recruit Professionals

For businesses, there is often a practice to fill the vacant positions on various posts. The recruitment procedure required too much effort and time to extract quality profiles on platforms like LinkedIn. When businesses tend to recruit a candidate for high-position, the approach is specific and segmented. Thus, businesses need an alternative that balances quality and time devoted.

Thus, a business can streamline its search for professional accounts search using YogLeads Accounts Explorer. Business can narrow their search using filters like Job Title, Role, and Sub-Role. Based on the filters, you will get a list of professionals and you can get their contact details and make a 1-1 connection.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Targeted marketing is researching and understanding your audience's interests and needs so you can tailor your message. It is a broader practice of segmenting audiences into specific markets. It will greatly increase the success you have in connecting with customers. Segmenting the audience lets you concentrate your resources and efforts on a limited audience that matters to your business.

Based on your existing customer's interests, behavior, firmographics, and demographic details you can create a lookalike audience. When you know your ideal customer, a lookalike audience cuts up existing followers to find their common needs. By collecting your target audience's details, you can market your offerings to similar audiences with common interests and needs. In this way, you have broadened your target audience by adding an audience that you wouldn't have been able to meet.

Use YogLeads People Search to find the right audience that fits your market and target them addressing their needs.

How to Find Professionals Contact Details?

YogLeads Data Provider is an easy-to-use service, to find real-time professional contact details. Get their contact number and email address in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Go to YogLeads Dashboard and sign with your email address.

Step 2: On the homepage of the dashboard, go to the Global Search tab. Then click on the People Details option.

There you can see a list of professional accounts from various sectors.

Professionals Database of YogLeads

Step 3: Use the Filters to narrow your prospect search based on parameters. Search based on Job Title, Role, Company Name, Company Size, or Country.

Based on your filter selection, you will get a list of professional accounts with their contact details.

If you need to search for professional accounts from a company let's say Tech Mahindra. Then by selecting Company Name in the filter, simply write the company name. Then click on the Search button.

Result for Tech Mahindra Search on YogLeads

Click on the Fetch Contacts button of any account to get their contact number and email address.

Similarly, you can search by any filter and get access to professional contact details.                 

YogLeads helps businesses, individual contributors, and small teams find quality prospects. Get phone number, email address of high-profile contact details from 100M+ professional database.

YogLeads Professionals Data Provider Offers

Is the Contact Details Reliable?

We believe in delivering authorized and reliable data to the end users so they get benefits out of it. But the question arises is, Are our contact details reliable?

Provides only High-Quality Details

Top-quality data is the foundation of our work at YogLeads. Our tech team works efficiently to ensure the data collected is accurate and updated. You get verified real-time data, which undergoes the verification process. The verification ensures the credibility and trustworthiness of the collected data.

GDPR Compliant

We have positioned our brand with a database of high-quality data with GDPR compliance. Our transparency commitment includes notifying people about their inclusion in our database.

Professionals are included in the database when they consent to providing complete access to their personal information, viewing options, and messaging.

Third-Party Verification

Since we value the accuracy of data greatly, we have our database updated and reliable through third-party verification. YogLeads thorough data prospecting validation process to enhance our accuracy standards. Giving you a sense of satisfaction that data is always reliable and accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. What is YogLeads Data provider?

YogLeads Data Provider is a prospect explorer pool where you can find contact details of professional accounts. Get valid and accurate contact details for LinkedIn profiles.

Ques. What is the use of YogLeads professional data providers in marketing?

YogLeads' professional data provider lets you segment your target audience and promote content focusing on their interests and needs. Find accounts that can connect with your business and contribute to your ROI.

Ques. What is the best way to contact business owners?

You can use the YogLeads Professional Database to find contact details of business owners of your target industry. Get their personal phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile.

Ques. Is the YogLeads professional's contact details accurate and reliable?

Yes, all the professional contact details you extract from YogLeads Prospect Search are accurate and reliable. We have an entirely thorough data prospecting validation process to enhance our accuracy standards.

Ques. Can I get the contact details of any LinkedIn profile?

Yes, with YogLeads Prospect Search you can get contact details of any LinkedIn profile compliance with GDPR.

Ques. Can I get the employee's contact details of big companies?

Yes, it is possible to get employees' contact details with YogLeads Prospect Explorer. Search by company name to get employee's contact details.


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