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Ready to 3x your sales pipeline?

Hire industry-expert sales freelancers for lead generation & sales with complete management OS to grow your revenue pipeline

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How an efficient sales process works?

Sales is a multistep process where each step is interconnected with the other. Our platform provides you one stop solution for all your sales needs with the perfect mix of technology and human expertise.

Identifying and qualifying potential customers or leads who show interest in a product or service.

Lead prospecting

Collecting information about potential customers or leads. Which might be your loyal customers in future .

Lead capturing

Communicating with your qualified leads across various channels through qualified professionals  

Connecting with client

Get in touch with your potential leads through automated follow ups to turn them into your customer.

Automated follow-up

Get access to an AI-enabled platform for lead prospecting, lead generation, marketing automation and unified platform for sales management.

Enable your sales team with our integrated AI platform!

See your sales chart on fire with our professional outbound sales team!

Manage your sales with industry experts handpicked from 5000+ top SaaS & technology giants equipped with modern technological integrations for multifold profit growth.

Keep track of all your sales reps (SDR) on inputs such as calls, emails, meetings fixed, sales pipeline. Not just this audit calls with AI.

Keep track of activities & sales growth with precision monitoring!

Our team will help you in identifying your ICP (ideal customer profile). Basis the ICP, we will suggest the best suitable platform for the identified audience from lead generation perspective.

ICP Creation

Step 1

On the shortlisted platform, the designated SDR will help in cold outreach for lead generation. Our unique methodology helps in lead generation without spamming the audience. We can also help you fix meetings with your prospects.

Lead Generation

Step 2

The industry expert sales representative will reach out to all the leads and pitch the offering to the. prospect. The SDR would help you achieve your sales targets by following up and driving sales closures.


Step 3

Sales is a science, we deliver it in three easy steps.

Our work speaks for itself !

  • Narrowed down 38K targeted companies across India

  • Delivering ~400 leads/ month

  • Delivered business worth 10 Cr

  • Helping scale operations beyond metro cities

  • Setup dedicated team of SDRs to handle 6000+ leads/ month

  • Realtime distribution of leads to 100+ dealer network using WhatsApp API

  • Establish instant buyer connect and follow-up till closure

  • Helped brand scale-up dealer network across target locations across India

  • Set-up dedicated SRD team for fixing meeting with the prospective dealers

  • Helped identify and meet 100+ dealers within 60 days

Stressed with low sales volume? See your sales skyrocketing.

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