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Cognizant Generative AI Transforms Manufacturers Operations: Case Study

Updated: Apr 8

Cognizant Generative AI Transforms Manufacturers Operations

Generative AI is emerging in various applications in manufacturing and retail businesses, where vast data is already available in text, images, or speech format. The large Language Model (LLM) open-source model is driving new applications to improve employee training and customer experience, giving a competitive edge in the market.

The manufacturing industry in Bharat can attempt to deploy AI / ML techniques far more creatively than it does today.

The manufacturing industry relies on a workforce to manage and support the after-sales service requirements of its customers. This workforce needs immense training and years of work experience to gain the expertise required for quick resolution and issue diagnosis. Generative AI introduces an opportunity to simplify this with the ability to process large volumes of information stored in service manuals, user manuals, and information to identify issues and suggest resolutions for maintenance with greater accuracy. For manufacturing organizations, this shortens the overall equipment leading to building customer trust.

Cognizant Transform Elevator Manufacturers Operations with Generative AI

The major challenge, elevator manufacturers faced during installation and maintenance of elevators is fault resolution. Identifying and resolving the fault in elevator panels is a time-consuming process. On-site technicians need to go through thousands of pages of product manuals or reference historical maintenance logs to evaluate issues; often technicians seek expert advice for issue resolution. As such, manufacturing organizations desire to improve productivity, accuracy, and response time, while reducing operational costs. 

Cognizant leverages its Operations Intelligence enabling codify cumulative expert input as knowledge graphs in Microsoft Azure. The technology develops a maintenance advisory solution that would store thousands of product specs pages, FAQs, manuals, and log data in an application that can respond with a speech interface or natural-language chat (specified to language preference). This enables on-field technicians to diagnose and resolve faults much faster, without even consulting experts or other systems. This NLP-driven smart elevator assistant engages with technicians in conversation while it traverses through the process map to troubleshoot the fault codes. With AI-powered search, it also drew contextual information for product specs and historical logs. The AI model undergoes continuous training to learn new issues to advance for optimum accuracy over time. This digital transformation brings impressive results, minimizing overall elevator downtime while strengthening service operations.  

For this revolution, Cognizant has received the Forbes India Microsoft AI Award 2.0 for ‘Best AI Application in Manufacturing.’ This award was granted for the most innovative AI solution certified as a ‘game changer’ in elevator maintenance services, achieved in partnership with Microsoft.

Bret Greenstein, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence & Analytics, at Cognizant Digital Business, quoted.

“ We are pleased to receive the Microsoft AI 2.0 Award. This project highlights what is possible when we leverage AI to transform machine operations by understanding how machines are working, identifying the optimal fixes, and using natural language to provide the best advice, hands-free for technicians.” 

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