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How Save Max used Chatbot as Agent to Generate Leads

Updated: Apr 8

Save Max Canada Generate 1000s of Leads using Chatbot AI

Save Max Property Search is a well-known Canada-based Real Estate Company, with a team of more than 700 agents and a franchise network in India and Canada. In the past decade, Save Max has crossed the transaction of $10 Billion by implementing effective business strategies. 

Save Max’s value proposition is simple and clear - turning renting, buying, and selling properties into a cheerful visitor journey with the latest technology and disruptive business strategies such as: 

  • Unique franchise model for non-licensed agents

  • The listing of a flat priced at $999 is free, regardless of size.

  • Quick agent commission as soon as a deal is signed. 

All such strategies were introduced to disrupt the traditional real-estate sector by offering clients what they want - an affordable, easy, and transparent client experience. 

Today, as things are transferring to digital, it is crucial for agencies in real estate to automate deceptive listings and transactions. Especially for Gen Z and millennials, or tech-savvy who always expect the best are your future customers, who would be looking to see digital participation in their journey.

This brings us to the story of how Save Max used Conversation AI as an Agent, to find thousands of leads. 

How Save Max Used Chatbot as a Real Estate Agent

When a customer lands on a Save Max Homepage, they interact with a chatbot agent on the bottom right.

Chatbot AI on interface of Save Max Cana website

Once they click on the chatbot widget, they receive a greeting message and present options to take action.

Chatbot Greets the visitor with few CTA

If the visitor wants to buy a property, he will click the ‘Buy a Property’ option. Then chatbot starts is lead generation flow. It will start collecting, the visitor’s details like name, contact number, and email address. Which again is a crucial step to capture leads. 

After collecting the visitor’s details, it continues the lead generation flow. It gives visitors options to filter their property search like search by - location, MLS Number, Address, or connect with an agent. 

Chatbot asking to filter listing based on filters

Suppose, the visitor selects search by Location, the chatbot will suggest numerous location that matches the visitor’s input.

Location options to select property

Next, the chatbot qualifies the lead by allowing them to select a budget range, by providing the following options. Based on their response, you can segment the lead and tailor your pitch.

Chatbot asking to select the budget range of property

Further to filter the property search, the chatbot would ask to select a preferred number of bedrooms required.

Chatbot asking to select the number of bedrooms required

Once the visitor specifies, the number of bedrooms required, the chatbot agent further asks about the type of property they are looking for.

Chatbot conforming the type of property

Now, the chatbot is at the edge of the lead generation flow which is lead conversion. The visitor gets a list of properties (on separate cards) based on their preferences. 

Chatbot showing property listing

If the visitor selects any of the listed property options, they will get a bundle of quality images of the property to get a virtual view. Also, they get multiple options to take such as - View Full Listing, Book a Showing, and Browse other Properties.

Chatbot showing CTAs to visitors

This creates a complete conversational flow, where every visitor tries to get answers and list out property that matches their preferences. Imagine how it transforms and creates a much more efficient way to serve your customers. Instead, customers wait at agent offices with deceptive property listings and delayed transactions, both agent and client have fins a way to proceed with relationship building. 

How Chatbot Agent Helped Save Max

Chatbot made a significant impact on Save Max Canada's lead generation flow and customer experience. After Save Max had deployed the Virtual Real Estate Agent, they were able to generate thousands of leads, with a remarkable response rate of 62%.   

How to be the next Save Max in the Market?

Ever wondered if your business can also leverage the emerging AI potential and position yourself in the market?

We introduce, your personalized GPT ready to serve your customers and encourage them to keep the conversation alive. is an on-the-go Gen-AI model that can easily be deployed on the platform interface of your choice like WhatsApp, website, Chatbox, CRM, etc. helps you empower your customer executive team to be more efficient and improve customer experience.

Book a Free Demo with us to learn more about with our experts. 

Why do Real Estate Firms need Chatbots like

A real estate firm, that updates hundreds of properties across the globe on its website, needs someone to narrow the results for the visitors. 

Consider, a client sitting in a brokerage office, a real estate would show you property listings one by one. First, it required an understanding of the location, budget, and other preferences of the client and then presenting relevant property options. 

But in this digital era, getting a personal attraction and meeting is truly not possible. Handling multiple clients, scheduling property visits, showcasing the property, or documentation work needs a lot of effort and resources. 

Without a conversation AI bot, Save Max realized they were losing thousands of potential customers. Instead of spending all resources on building sales agents, they needed a digital solution to capture leads. 

Similarly, all the real estate firms need this digital solution to accomplish the following:

  • Effectively capture leads from the website and share them with the sales team.

  • Collect details of visitors and preferences to tailor your communication with them.

  • Guide visitors through the website to find listed properties, and go through buying, listing, and renting process. 

In other words, all real estate agencies need a chatbot!

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