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Generate B2B Leads | Tips to Find Leads for Your Business

Updated: Mar 13

Get B2B Leads

Businesses must focus on lead generation as this is the main asset that contributes the most to revenue growth. However, B2B lead generation is still a major challenge for businesses and sales teams. The lead generation process begins with identifying the ideal customer profile, one should focus more on businesses than on varying buyer personas.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of gathering the contact information of potential customers. In marketing, this involves collecting visitor's contact details through web forms. For many B2B companies, lead generation is the core part of the sales funnel as it allows grope the target market. Once you have qualified leads, your sales reps can nurture leads through cold calling, and email marketing and turn leads into sales.

Lead generation is also important for SaaS-based, e-commerce, and other businesses as it allows them to market the prospect, even if they don't make a purchase immediately.

Most companies struggle to find high-quality leads who actually matter to their business. This can be because of executing a poor lead generation strategy to reach their target audience. Thus, we have discussed a few strategies for businesses to find qualified leads.

Effective Strategies for Sales Reps to Find B2B Leads

Identify your ICP

The step in lead generation begins with identifying your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and TAM that are likely to reach your revenue goal. Segment your prospects list based on industry, company size, region, and firmographic factors. Then, conduct competitor research and learn about their operating methods to know what your target customers like to buy.

Let's understand this with an example. Suppose you are selling SaaS products to enterprises and you see a scope in some financial services firms. You know these buyers like to hear about the product from experts who understand their environment. So, refine your sales pitch to sound like an expert and tailor your response that highlight their needs.

Fill your Sales Pipeline with Qualified Leads

Now that you have identified your ICP, fill your sales pipeline with sales-qualified leads. Determine how many leads you require, and how many you can connect with to gain more conversion rate. Then, you can use marketing channels and outreach tools to connect with them in person.

Many companies often use B2B data providers like YogLeads to generate leads. If you need to learn more, book a free demo with us.

Also, you can attend conferences, expos, and exhibitions where you can have a conversation with decision-makers of companies. Share your ideas, give product insights, and try to make them your connection.

Build Online Network

Social media platforms have indeed gained popularity as they create a way for more people to interact. Likewise, professional networking site like LinkedIn uses the simplest way to connect with people in your target field. However, following the right approach is just as crucial as encouraging your prospects.

Don't send generic and AI-looking invites when requesting to connect. Send a personalized message instead that tells who you are, and what you do. LinkedIn seems to give the highest lead conversion rate, even higher than Facebook and Twitter. When looking to generate new qualified leads, it is worth paying on LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for sales reps to uncover new B2B leads. By crafting personalized, targeted emails, reps can engage prospects and nurture them through the sales process. Effective strategies include segmenting the audience based on demographics and interests, creating compelling subject lines to improve open rates, and providing valuable content that addresses prospects' pain points.

Utilizing automation tools like YogLeads streamlines the process, allowing reps to scale their efforts while maintaining a personal touch. Consistency in follow-up and analyzing metrics for optimization ensures a successful email marketing campaign that generates quality leads for B2B sales teams.

Derive Excellent Information

Product or service knowledge is crucial if you are leading a sales pitch. Your efforts of generating leads will not be successful if are not able to sell them what you are selling. Thus, having an entire knowledge of the product can improve your customer-answering process. Train yourself with the business first, and understand the product specifications, so the next time any customer won't find you less informative with what you are selling.

Instead of participating in long-hour training, sales reps can train themselves with multiple AI models like These models help you understand the product specifications in the interface similar to the Q&A.

Social Selling

Social selling is a prospect-connecting strategy that helps sales reps interact with prospects on social media platforms. Social selling bridges the transaction experience between companies and prospects, leading to more personalized relationships. By listening to what your prospects are discussing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you get to know the common problems your prospects are having.

  • On social platforms, create an attractive profile with an informative bio and a compelling profile picture

  • Post and share content that demonstrates your value and your solution to customer's needs

  • Comment on your prospect's post that redirects them to your landing page and let them know who you are.

  • Monitor your campaign performance through analytical tools like YogLeads.

Be a Trusted Sales Advisor

Step the extra mile and become a sales advisor in your respective industry. Develop yourself as an advisor rather than just an ordinary salesperson to win the customer's trust. Customers have a significant amount of knowledge at their fingerprints, they even do research before talking to a sales rep. To bridge this gap, sales reps can attend industry events, and webinars, to become a trusted source of information.

Never forget that, the customer holds the purchasing power. Thus, as a sales professional, you can provide the right information that encourages the customers to make a decision.

Deploy Live Chat to Engage Visitors

Thanks to artificial intelligence and small language models, we can deploy the live chat box on our website. A personalized chatbot acts as a customer-handling interface to answer all queries in real-time. Anytime someone visits your website, a chatbox greets them with a welcome message and lets them ask questions.

A chatbot can be a valuable resource that adds value to your sales and marketing team. It can:

  • Ask questions and give responses that address the sales leads needs and pain points.

  • Qualify leads

  • Book meetings, demos, and appointments

  • Answer product-oriented commonly asked questions

From the customer inputs and responses, you can learn more about their interest and segment them into potential customers. Analyze where you can add value, engage with prospects, and improve the chatbot's responses.

Ask for Referrals from Existing Customers

Currently, the finest lead generation strategy is referrals. Referrals from existing customers are cheerful and frequent. By encouraging your users to bring their own leads, you can let the user talk on your behalf. It is the best way to legitimate your business in the market with the help of satisfied customers.

Ask your customer if anybody from their network is interested in your product or service. This requires a little more time and could contribute the most to generating leads. Encourage them by offering a profit in every deal closed.

Reconnect with Lost Lead Opportunities

A lost lead is someone you have previously tried to connect with but it was unsuccessful. Even though they had taken a product demo, the situation was not favorable for them to make a purchase. It is worthwhile if you reconnect the lead every 2 months or so. You never know where you can get a great sales opportunity.

Start your sales pitch by asking if their priorities have changed toward the product and interested in making a purchase now. Tell them about the updates your product or service has in the past few days. These customers are your warm leads, which means they are more likely to be your customers than fresh prospects.

YogLeads: Your Empowered Sales Team!

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YogLeads not only helps to find sales reps but also provides AI-empowered tools and technologies to grow your sales. The entire sales cycle, from hiring SDRs to closing a deal, is accessible on one platform. Monitor all your sales reports with a smart dashboard so you never lose a chance of prospecting. Excitingly, all these features are available on the pay-as-you-go model. Pay only when you have a meeting with SDR and close the deal.


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