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Chatbot AI for Customer Engagement in Automobile Sector

Updated: Apr 8

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Facing tech-savvy buyers and their dynamic habits and attitudes toward automobiles and transportation, manufacturers need the implementation of strong chatbot AI to engage potential buyers. Here, helps you compete and stand in an increasingly digital marketplace. Our solution uses natural language processing to respond to queries and encourage customers to stay connected with your website. is a digital transformation generative AI that provides seamless, personalized customer engagement and improves brand loyalty. is your personalized chatbot interface that would answer FAQs on the automaker's website or any interface of choice. An easily deployable model, to enrich the customer servicing experience, is what the automobile industry looking for, and that's for you.

Improve Customer Experience Journey with

The fundamental purpose of this chatbot is to drive customer experience during model selection, give answers to most FAQs, and guide them to hover over the website in one place. The automobile company requires strong automotive industry expertise, deep knowledge of digital customer experience, and our model expertise to roll out a successful execution. 

Use Cases of in Automotive Industry

Business Automation

Automotive manufacturers have lots of models and specifications to share with their clients. implemented a solution that enables site visitors to interact with virtual assistance that responds to their queries about the vehicle they are looking for. worked with the client's choice of platform - Website, WhatsApp, G-Forms, and any platform.

When a customer visits your website to grope about the models, specifications, ex-showroom price, on-road price, and many more. The AI model deployed on your website can pop up the answers to FAQs about all the models and encourage visitors to make a call or even register for a test drive.


Conversational AI

The model is not just limited as an informer to your visitor, the model is trained to be responsive to visitor's query. Deployed as a conversational AI chatbox, it improves how your visitor experiences the visit. When the AI model is trained with enough knowledge, it is capable of responding to the visitor's queries in real-time. 

Automobile manufacturers store vehicle information in many resources like PDFs, brochures, YouTube videos, articles, and other documents. The model requires a one-time training procedure, which includes the uploading of such informational resources. When the model is trained, it is now your website assistant that empowers customer servicing.

Qualify Potential Buyers

The model potential includes collecting buyer's information visiting the company's site, and delivering the prospect to the sales team. The best-in-class chatbot helps visitors research the vehicle model that meets their needs, encouraging them through the purchasing process. A key finding in this process is, how visitors interacted with a chatbot. Not only when they first interacted, but also when and why they disengaged. Based on how visitors interact and queries asked with a chatbot, it is easy to segment them as potential buyers. Then, the sales team can approach them and communicate tailored to their interest and needs.

WhatsApp Chatbot AI

Providing customer service is still a challenge for automotive dealers. Automotive dealers hire hundreds of customer executives and train them to interact with the customer. Sometimes because of less information about the vehicle, customer executives do not satisfy the customer with their query responses. Customers need quick solutions to their questions then they feel continue the conversation and executives have a scope of selling something. Customer servicing is what companies expect from their customer service agents. 

AI-powered chatbots like let automobile manufacturers automate customer interaction and personalize their customer's buying experience. can be deployed on WhatsApp and accessed by every sales executive, and auto mechanic to serve the customer. With one-time training, the model is now your personal assistant and empowers the way to handle the customer before. 

Training a is a one-step process. It only requires you to upload the resources where your information is stored. It can be PDFs, JSON, docx, articles, YouTube links, or any other resource. Then you are good to go with the model. The model is trained now, and responsive to all your resource-related queries. You can ask the question, and get a response in real-time with accuracy, that's why we called it a generative AI model.

One can find the two most common use cases of in their business.

Automobile Servicing

An automobile manufacturer gets a volume of calls asking for fault-repairing. The customer service agents are only efficient with their conversation skills and not with the technical part. But still, they have to hold a conversation. Now imagine, if they had their personal assistant that could answer the same what customer asked in real-time. Suppose a customer executive gets a call asking for a vehicle fault requirement, but that requires a technical-sounding response and a step-by-step guide that the customer can follow itself to work on repairing. That could be possible with A trained model would work as a responsive auto mechanic having all the knowledge.

For that, the executive has to input the customer query into the model as a prompt, and if trained properly, it will provide a step-by-step solution on how to fix the fault. It will save a lot of time and leave the customer with a better experience.

On Visit Automobile Repairing

Now in the second scenario, your auto mechanic is on a visit to repair the fault. However, the mechanic is not familiar with the fault solution. Then instead of groping the manual for a solution, he can simply ask the trained on his WhatsApp for the guide. He will simply, input the fault and ask for the solution. Then the AI model will return the step-by-step guide to fix the fault, along with the components required for the same.

A path to the future: Solution that scale's success depends on our expertise in conversational AI-based solutions across industries and our technology experience with the automobile industry. Since the chatbot's debut, the manufacturers have witnessed a double-digit in visitors who engage with the website. They have seen an increase in successful interaction, including converting visitors to test drives.

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