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B2B Lead Generation|Get Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Updated: Feb 9

B2B Lead Generation | Get Qualified B2B Sales Leads

B2B Lead Generation is a process of identifying the ideal customer profile (ICP) for businesses offering products or services. Lead Generation is essential for sales and B2B marketing teams to help businesses grow.

The process involves implementing effective sales and marketing strategies to identify, attract, and engage with potential customers. This, in turn, helps businesses generate highly qualified leads, increase sales, enlarge brand awareness, and grow business.

Importance of B2B Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the fundamental step toward the success of a business. It is obvious that the generation of leads is important to grow your sales, so we have mentioned several factors that demonstrate the necessity of generating B2B leads. 

  • Discover your Target Addressable Market (TAM)

  • Find Contact Details of Prospects

  • Build brand value among customers 

  • Build a predictable pipeline

  • Assist with content creation

The most important factor is that it generates revenue and sales for your business if you have identified a qualified lead.

The sales and marketing team plays an important role in lead generation. If your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) have incomplete or incorrect information about B2B leads, then it is impossible to make cold calls or send emails. 

High-qualified leads are also fundamental to sales analytics and forecasting. It provides the structure for Key Indicator Factors (KPIs) for the sales team and helps companies measure their results and key improvement areas. The business owners can supervise if there are any gaps in the B2B lead generation process and quickly make adjustments.

B2B companies often use B2B data providers like YogLeads to extract sales leads. If you need to know more, book a free demo with our sales team.

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Types of B2B Leads

In business, B2B leads are those people identified as potential customers for your business. A lead can show their interest by engaging with some aspect of your business. They are likely to share contact information with you to at least hear about business further. Understanding the differences and how to categorize leads should be the target of the sales team to influence the sales approach.

Now, let’s take a look at how we can categorize leads.

Cold Leads vs Warm Leads

A cold lead is someone unaware that any company will contact them to pitch their product or service. On the other hand, a warm lead is someone who has shown interest in your business and wants to know more insights. They’ll have taken action to engage with you, such as signing up for a website or subscribing to a mailing list.

Information Qualified Leads (IQL) 

Information-qualified Leads are the weakest leads that have entered your sales funnel. These leads are not aware of your business and what service you provide, so they only exchange their email address with your content. To nurture these leads further down the funnel, the companies should share educational content with them.

Sales Ready Leads (SRL)

Sales-ready or accepted leads are at the bottom of your sales funnel. They often ask to have a conversation with a sales rep at your company and are ready to discuss the possibility of doing business with you.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

Sales Qualified Leads are those leads moved from MQL and ready for a deeper conversation with your sales team with the intent to buy your product. SQLs fit your buyer personas and show interest in buying your product or service. SQLs will include the leads speaking with a salesperson to get satisfied answers to their specific questions. 

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

MQLs are qualified leads who have more information about your business and a better chance of becoming a customer. They further engage with your business such as signing up or downloading a file. To categorize leads under MQL, the sales team needs to analyze lead engagement, which includes the number of website visits, content downloaded, and the specific pages the lead is visiting. 

Inbound vs Outbound

Inbound leads are those who initiate a conversation with you, either directly or through your referrals. For example, someone reads about your business and decides to connect. Those leads that you develop by reaching out are known as outbound leads. They are usually cold leads that have not opted for marketing communication with you. 

10 Effective Strategies for B2B Sales Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation can be achieved through multiple sales and marketing activities. We will now explore the most effective strategies for B2B sales lead generation.

Cold Calling

Through cold calling, you can directly connect with your prospects who have not heard about your business before. Cold calling involves SDRs telephoning leads, explaining the product or service you are offering and how you can benefit them in their business. 

This strategy is effective as you can connect directly with business decision-makers and tailor your pitch to their specific needs and interests. Cold calling can be done manually or through a cloud telephone setup

Get started with cold calling to get qualified B2B sales leads.

Outbound Emails

Sending outbound emails is still considered one of the effective strategies in the lead generation process. With outbound emailing, your SDRs can reach the key prospects that suit your ICP with personalized emails. Outbound email campaigns can be tracked and managed on the Email Report.

Offer Free Product Demos

Offering something free for benefits is the best way to gain someone’s attention, and it also goes true for B2B leads. One of the best ways to attract your B2B prospects is by providing a free call or product demo.

With this, you can prove to your prospects that you are willing to share your offerings in exchange for nothing. Offering product demos builds relationships and trust with prospects, convincing them to do business with you.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) lets you focus on high-profile accounts who are decision-makers for a company. With ABM, you target the specific account that promises the onboarding with your business so your resources are utilized in the most profitable opportunities. 

Identifying a key decision-maker (accounts) of a company and then creating a personalized marketing campaign for those accounts to know the specific needs and challenges of your prospect account. 

Run Lead Generation Ads on Marketplaces

B2B Lead generation ads are online advertisements to get prospects to share their contact information. Businesses can run multiple types of online ads to bring traffic to websites and nurture them. 

There are advertising platforms available that have in-build lead generation tools. Through platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, you can reach your target audience. 

Social Selling

With social selling, you and your sales team can productively utilize the power of social media like LinkedIn and connect with prospects virtually. This strategy allows you to connect with your prospects in a more personal and formal way while building strong trust and relationships. 

Additionally, other social media platforms help your sales team engage with prospects. On such platforms, you can join conversations, respond to queries, and get valuable feedback, which is necessary to understand your prospect’s pain points and needs.

Content Marketing

Through content marketing, marketers publish relevant and valuable content around products or services and promote them to their target prospects. Content can be published in any form, including blogs, videos, podcasts, e-books, and webinars.

Attend Events and Conferences

Attending events and conferences is one of the best ways to connect with your prospect face-to-face. The in-person interaction lets you nurture relationships with prospects. 

In addition, most industry events allow you to represent yourself as a thought leader. Share your business insights and expertise with other attendees and position yourself as a leading authority, increasing brand awareness. 

Promote Expertise on Forums

Similar to attending events and conferences, you can promote your brand by sharing expertise on forums. With the comfort of sitting at an office or home, you can showcase your expertise with forums relevant to your industry and generate B2B sales leads.

By actively participating in industry-specific forums such as LinkedIn groups, Slack communities, and Quora, prospects can recognize you as a reputed authority in your field. Also, participation in forums informs you of recent industry trends and challenges your prospects are facing.

Partner with Other Businesses

To generate qualified B2B sales leads at half the effort, then partnering with other businesses should be considered. You collaborate with businesses that are a complement of your own. In this way, you get a quality prospect base, exploring your brand value to a wider audience. It is mutually beneficial for both businesses where resources are combined and utilized productively for lead generation.

YogLeads: Lead Generation Software

YogLeads is a leading AI-empowered lead generation software that helps businesses of any category and size find qualified B2B leads and manage them in a single platform. Leaving behind traditional methods of searching for prospects, YogLeads brings an enhanced lead generation platform to find qualified leads based on business relevance. 

Not only lead generation, but YogLeads also introduces marketing panels like WhatsApp, Email, and Cloud Telephone set up to bridge the communication gap with prospects. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. What is B2B sales lead generation?

B2B lead generation is a vital process for sales and marketing teams aiming to foster business growth. It revolves around pinpointing the ideal customer profile (ICP) for businesses providing products or services. By identifying and engaging potential customers, businesses can efficiently increase sales and expand their market presence.

Ques. How do you find B2B email addresses and names?

With YogLeads B2B Leads Search, you can search for businesses in specific locations and extract the additional B2B email addresses and names of decision-makers of organizations. Also, you can email them from the YogLeads dashboard itself.

Ques. How effective is lead generation for a small business?

As a growing business, it is important to onboard customers and grow continuously. Then, lead generation becomes a crucial step in searching for potential prospects and nurturing them to become customers.

Ques. What are the best B2B lead generation strategies?

Cold calling, outbound emailing, running lead generation ads, attending events, and offering free product demos are some effective B2B lead generation strategies. As per your business requirement, you can implement any one of these strategies to find qualified leads.

Ques. How do I create a lead list for my B2B business?

On YogLeads Dashboard, you can find B2B sales leads for your business and manage and connect with leads to promote your business. YogLeads lets users find only qualified sales leads that match their ICP and showcase their product or service to the target customer.


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